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Honda ruckus oil

By | 08.10.2020

Heavily customized Honda Ruckus for sale and in great condition! Custom Parts include:ultra low rider seat frame brand new black leather seatSteel gas tank frameFoot pegs! List of modifications New motor milesRare Daytona wheels 12x4 rear10x2. I am now sadly selling my heavily customized stretched honda ruckus because it's time for me to move up to a bigger bike.

The bike has no issues and runs great more detail below. I have cleaned the carb and just replaced the oil and put on new street tires. Plates are good for a. This Ruckus has all of the bells and whistles including fatty rear wheel, 12 inch stretch, custom exhaust, front end disc brakes, and much much more. This is not one of those cheap knockoffs, this is the real deal.

A highlight of this Ruck is the custom rear passenger seat. Custom built reinforced rear seat frame and custom. Custom one off flat purple Honda Ruckus with one piece custom rear frame. Clean Oregon title in my name.

I have three Rucks and need the room more at this point. I don't ride this one much anymore. The registration is expired as a result. Would consider trade for a nice PWC with trailer personal watercraft aka sitdown jetski - no junk.

Tell your friends and neighbors! Life is better on a Barney. Very custom Honda Ruckus. Clean title. Runs great. Always maintained, winterized, and sheltered. Only minor issue is that the tailpipe hangs a bit too low.

Only miles! Email or text or call zerosix for more details, offers, etc. TEXT Only, Honda ruckusvery fast many upgrades, performance exhaust, intakeperformance carburetorRev- eliminator kit, upgraded variator and high speed transmissionFront and rear driving pegsruns 50 mph fastlowered suspensionmileslike brand newHas built-in radio AM - FMUSD card reader and usb plug to charge phone or Bluetooth to your phone.

Cash only in person. Here is a list of all the parts on it Runs 50 mph. RuckHouse wheelsAvon tire set Recaro seat. Custom honda ruckus Selling my completely custom Honda Ruckus. Bike is lowered and stretched on custom wheels. Bike runs great and is sweet ride for cruising around! Has a clean and clear title. Custom stretched Honda Ruckus.Update July 25, This a reboot of our popular article fromwhich was downloadedtimes.

Thank you to everyone who continues to find this information helpful! Installation should take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, but may take more depending on your experience and level of mechanical skill.

These guys are typically in search of a cc swap kit which will involve the least amount of head scratching and will run smoothly right after installation. While most packaged kits are straight forward to install to varying degreesthe truth is, there will always be some tuning and tweaking after installation to get everything working correctly.

Swapping for the novice in many situations is going to involve minor install gremlins that have to be worked out after the swap is complete. The main thing is sticking with it and asking questions along the way. Going into a swap with the right expectations and a healthy level of patience can be the difference between having a properly installed engine setup that purrs at idle, or a hack job that can barely be started.

Take your time and ask questions! The majority of GY6 swaps including our kit use the common Mikuni fuel pump, which is driven by vacuum pulses that the engine generates while running.

They work well to get fuel to the carburetor, too well actually. The vacuum operated fuel pumps seem to frequently be too powerful for original and aftermarket GY6 carburetors, forcing extra fuel past the internal valve.

This extra fuel then gets forced into the intake tract, which is then sucked into the engine. This impacts fuel economy and causes the bike to run rough and erratic at low speeds, often killing the engine when coming to a stop. The stock electronic pump seems to be best suited for this job, avoiding over-fueling issues with the help of the stock ECU or an external pump controller. Currently, only harnesses which use the original Ruckus ECU are able to use the stock fuel pump — but the ECU is big and bulky so most harness makers opt to remove it from the system.

This is a minor inconvenience most of the time, but can lead to a dead battery and huge headaches under the wrong conditions. But also expect less expensive replacement parts! In this way the cost of maintenance equals outespecially if you consider all the extra power of the GY6 cc. Factors that affect reliability: Air-cooled Cylinder Design This is an area where the original Ruckus engine really outclasses the GY6.


On the other side of this coin, GY6 parts are generally far less expensive than the 50cc parts and easy to get from dozens of vendors online. Our best advice is to practice preventative maintenance — frequent and timely oil changes and routine air filter checks. Electrical System Wire quality, internal wire connection methods, and fuse protection play major roles in how long your electrical system will last before popping a connection loose or frying something. Warranty Coverage varies between vendors who offer warranty against defects.

Be sure to check with the seller for warranty details. The BDX warranty:. The Ruckus service manual specifies an initial oil change after the first miles, and then changing the oil routinely every miles.

With the GY6, we recommend an initial oil change after the first miles, with subsequent changes every miles. Recommended engine oil type is 10w40 of a reputable brand.

Synthetic is not necessary, but should not be used at all until after the break-in period. Final gear oil should be replaced every miles. The GY6 vibrates.The Honda Ruckus has grown into an icon in US scooter culture since its introduction in the model year.

It was originally released in the Japanese market only. Design-wise, the NPS50 was unlike other scooters at the turn of the century. It boasted a game changing, skeletal body frame and monstrous fat wheels. Through the Zoomer, Honda had created a motor scooter fit for the streets and the dusty side streets.

Two years later inthe Zoomer made its way over to North America where it was marketed as the Honda Ruckus for the first time, a name that has stuck with the scooter until the present day. Back inthe Ruckus was introduced to Europe under the Zoomer name and with the noticeable difference of having two additional valves and fuel injection PGMFI which the original North American models lacked.

honda ruckus oil

However, one slight modification Honda did make to the Ruckus was to shorten the front and rear suspensions to 56mm front and 66mm rear which made the tiny scooter even shorter. InHonda launched an updated Ruckus with a fresh ventilation system for the 50cc engine.

honda ruckus oil

The updated Ruckus could rev to a higher redline limit and performed noticeably in fuel and oil efficiency tests. Cosmetically however, the Ruckus remained practically the same. Slight modifications were made to make the mirrors more stable after some owners complained that they would come loose at higher speeds. Oh, and betweenHonda tipped the seat slightly forward.

The Deluxe edition of the Ruckus was not sold in North America. Peaking popularity for the Ruckus in saw an early release date for models in July However, the timing of this proved catastrophic due to the global recession that ensued.

There was an abundance of Ruckus models which remained on shop floors and Honda made the decision to skip the model year.

North American Ruckus sales had recovered byprompting another early release of Ruckus models in May of InHonda unveiled a hot new white and red, traditional Honda racing color scheme for the Ruckus which commemorated 10 years of the Ruckus.

Honda introduced some new features for the Ruckus inalthough to date there has been no major overhaul of the Ruckus since its launch Remember the seat which Honda decided to angle forwards in ? They fixed that inrestoring it to its natural 90 degree configuration. And inthere are no notable performance or cosmetic upgrades or changes for the Ruckus. I have written articles on the latest moped and scooter laws which should have you covered.

Check them out here! After more than 15 years, the Honda Ruckus is still in production and has hardly changed in terms of design from its launch version. This makes the Ruckus a popular choice for students and those without multiple passengers as a reliable and cost effective alternative for a second hand car of the same price.

If you find yourself going downhill, the Ruckus can creep up to 40mph and likewise, climbing steep hills can knock the top speed down to 20mph. In the majority of states, yes, a vehicle which is driven on public highways is required to be fitted with plates and registered as a motor vehicle. The Honda Ruckus is a tough little scooter, although even it will have its limits which will depend in part on the maximum load of the tires your Ruckus in running. On standard tires, the Honda Ruckus has been known to carry riders in excess of lbs.

However, riders over lbs should expect to experience severe dips in the factory quoted performance figures. Though the NPS50 model shares two separate names, both the Ruckus and the Zoomer are practically identical. Some small differences include the fact that European and Asian Zoomers are fuel injected and are 4 valve versions.

This gives the Zoomer a small performance advantage over the North American Ruckus. The Honda Ruckus is an example of a 4 stroke motor scooter.

This means the the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft. The four stroke engine in the Honda Ruckus provides it with improved fuel economy, durability, power and torque, and lower emissions. There is an endless range of custom parts for the Honda Ruckus and enthusiasts frequently make their Ruckus their own by modifying the frame, suspension and wheels. Ruckus culture started in Japan and quickly swept across the West Coast of America where the craze continues to this day.The big brother of the Yasuni Z!

Honda Ruckus Review

Thanks to a larger expansion chamber Complete replacement 24mm carburettor membrane type supplied with The Yasuni Z from the Spanish manufacturer Yasuni is an absolutely high Renforced Gearbox bearing set for Genuine and Pgo scooters. The kit is PULSE line delivers functional performance at an incredible value. Brand: Ruckhouse. Brand: Polini. They are of high quality and feature an optimised ramp design. The Polini Hi-Speed offers a combination of improved pull you can feel and a higher top speed.

Made in Italy. Comes with 2 sets of rollers : 5. Brand: TRS. Get rid on that ugly cast and bulky CVT cover. Our CVT includes a. Give your scooter the aggressive stance it deserves with this black on black rear shock. This shock is extremely popular with Honda Ruckus owners that want to go as low as possible. Drop your scooter an extra 1. Brand: Composimo.

Honda Ruckus performance CVT transmission kit

Well now you can! Brand: Zoomania. Looking for unique and crazy ruckus front light? You will need to cut the front battery box and remove the horn! Brand: Yasuni. The Yasuni Z from the Spanish manufacturer Yasuni is an absolutely high performance exhaust when combined with 50cc and 70cc sport cylinders. Good performance and amazing sound. This exhaust is equipped with a classy Aluminium silencer, but also available with the following silencer : Aluminium Black, Carbon and Carbon Kevlar. You just have to choose Want the look of the a GY6?

Is your clutch always running hot and slipping. Helps prolong life of belt and Clutch pads since heat is released.Used Motorcycle Parts - Search top quality used cycle parts from salvage yards in your area with our live, instant, free search. Not only do we offer you the lowest possible prices, you'll be buying from only the top motorcycle salvage yards in the US and Canada on MrCycleParts!

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You'll save time as well as money with MrCycleParts. Who We Are. Contact Us. Hotlines Advantage. Recyclers - Join Us. Makes and Models. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Alternator.

Honda Scooter - Ruckus Backrest. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Battery Box. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Brake Pedal.

honda ruckus oil

Honda Scooter - Ruckus Bridge Rectifier. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Camshaft. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Carburetors. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Cases. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Center Tail. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Chainguard. Honda Scooter - Ruckus Clip On.New to scooters and have questions? Have a look at the Motor Scooters Guide before you post.

Want to sell your scooter or point out a good deal? Want to talk about self-balancing scooters? My ruckus is about to hit Miles so the first service will be required Oil change, right? It's really simple. MrMaynard has already pointed out two supurb references. Make sure you have somewhere to work that you won't mind spilling oil at, a cut up piece of cardboard will do the trick. Go to autozone and buy the full synthetic 10w 4 stroke oil. I believe I usually get the valvoline one.

With a 17mm Socket and some sort of oil receptacle you can get this done in 10 minutes. Let the ruckus run for 5 minutes after you have replaced the oil. I'm not sure. From some initial googling the 4T only seems to indicate that it is for 4 stroke engines.

The thing that I found that makes the most sense is 4t is a designation for 4 stroke oil which is synthetic. The 't' stands for Technosynthese. Nowadays, the terms 'synthetic', 'semi-synthetic', and 'synthetic base', are overused and confusing. It is not enough just to add a few percent of PAOs poly-alpha-olefins to claim to rival the performances of oils using Motul synthesic techniques.

All these techniques using synthetic products have been developed for over 50 years by Motul, which fully masters them. A simple google search lead me to this on battlescooter forumseven plenty of videos on Youtube.

It's pretty easy. Like any project, know what you are getting yourself into. I recommend hitting up totalruckus. If you have a warranty, this. Don't be penny smart pound foolish.

If your engine shits the bed for some unforeseen reason under k and your warranty gets voided you'll be really upset. Look over your owners manual.Honda recommends a 4 stroke motorcycle oil for the Ruckus scooter. The ruckus holds. September 10, at pm. I just bought a new Ruckus back in June. I ran the conventional Pro Honda 10w30 oil as you noted. What is your take on the full synthetic oil in this engine? Besides being a lot more expensive is there any downside to using this oil?

Thanks, I appreciate your input. September 11, at am. No, Jim. Use whichever you want as long as there is oil in the engine. My scooter is run at full throttle for most trips. September 11, at pm. Thanks Corey for getting back to me in a timely manner. I like your Ruckus site and will continue to look here for any other info on my Ruckus.

Thanks again. September 25, at am. September 25, at pm. May 22, at pm. I, too, have just taken delivery of a new Ruck and have been pondering the best oil question.

MC oil is formulated to work with both gear boxes and wet clutches. That means no moly additives. I have used Mobile 1 for over a decade in my cars and trucks with superb results. June 30, at am. July 5, at pm. Vincent, I have a Ruckus and have owned it for 3 years now. I run Mobile 1 Full syn in my bike. I have never used oil that is spec for MC use only. I have not had any problems or any oil use. The Ruckus motor is made to be run near or at full throttle, so just use a good oil and ride the thing.

It is a Honda and will last like a Honda.

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